Father's Day Special Set

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Father's Day Special Set
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Package include:

1. Tobiko Prawn Paste x 1pkt

2. Octopus x 1pkt

3. Cheese Ball x 1pkt

4. Lobster ball x 1pkt

 5. Pack Bamboo Clam 8/10 x 1pkt

6. Flower Crab Leg x 1pkt

7. Patin Fillet Cut x 1kg

8. Japan Lala x 1pkt

9. Pack Scallop 80/100 (200gm) x 1pkt

10. Squid Slice x 1pkt

11. Flower Shrimp 16/20 x 1pkt

Product Condition: Frozen Seafood

Info: Please keep it into freezer upon receiving to maintain freshness of your order.

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